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Shop Small for Holiday Cards this Season

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Maybe you just didn’t know that I have a website that’s super user friendly, price competitive and full of awesome, really current and fun designs where you can order your holiday cards direct—from home—in your pajamas—while drinking wine—at 11:30 pm.

Thaaaaat explains why you’ve been ordering your holiday cards from those big, greedy, internet giants for the past 3 Christmases, instead of supporting your local small business. You probably just didn’t know I made it this easy for you.

Well, I’ve done the research and addressed all of your potential objections. And I want you to know, that your support really goes a long way. So I hope this year, you’ll consider just how much of an impact it will make to “shop small”. It means I can keep the doors of my shop open, and continue to make a living. It means I’ll have a little extra to be able to say “YES” when you ask for a donation to the school play, or spelling bee, or soccer club. It means your town can remain a vibrant place to get the things you need from people who know your name, and know your kids—instead of from faceless companies who only interact with you via that stupid chat portal that never f*cking works anyway!

  • I’m just looking for the cheapest option When doing an apples to apples comparison between my products to 3 other major internet sources for holiday cards, we all average around $200. I’m LESS expensive than two of them, and only $10 more than one. Consider spending that additional $10 to support a local business and friend.
  • What if something goes wrong with the order? I don’t really want to mix business with friendship. Well fortunately I have a thick skin, and have probably dealt with way worse complainers than you’d be! But in all seriousness, my website is fully automated and staffed with a real customer service team that can address any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the process. I’m happy to walk you through the entire process, or if you prefer to be a little bit more anonymous you can be—you’ll still receive stellar service, and I’ll still receive the benefit of your support.

Please visit http://thekingsscribe.printswell.com and give me the chance this year to surpass your expectations, and make you an awesome holiday card!